Marianne Moore Digital Archive

MMDA_ADE_PosterMarianne Moore Digital Archive

The Marianne Moore Digital Archive is making digital reproductions and transcriptions of Marianne Moore’s notebooks readily accessible to scholarly, classroom, and non-academic readers for the first time. The transcriptions are supported by annotations contextualizing Moore’s writing and life, including citations to the original source texts she invokes, and an image-text linking feature that makes it easy to move back and forth between the facsimile and the transcription. The digital editions of the notebooks are supported by a growing collection of related materials, such as indexes, a glossary, an interactive timeline of Moore’s life and publications, searchable reproductions of the now hard-to-find Marianne Moore Newsletter, and, eventually, integrated text and image search tools. This site will, we hope, revolutionize criticism on this significant poet; contribute to popular understanding of the modernist period’s history and culture; and develop new tools for the digital editing and publication of handwritten materials.